72 HRS Essential Emergency Preparedness Kits – 3 Day Survival Backpack or Bug Out Bags for Earthquake, Hurricane…


【2022 NEW UPGRADED EMERGENCY BACKPACK】We carry the best 1-4 Person Emergency Kit to have at home to be prepared for any event. This kit is well-equipped with vital survival tools and advanced emergency preparedness items. The Backpack is newly designed and features compact, lightweight and has reflective strips both front and back for visibility and contains everything needed to survive for 72HRS.
【NOAA WEATHER RADIO INCLUDED】CRUSADER MINI NOAA Radio uses the premium built-in speaker to provide crisp & clear sounds with no fuzziness on FM/AM/WB channels. Capable of accessing all 7 NOAA channels to receive warnings, watch the forecast, and all-hazard information 24/7. The tuning knobs are made by a costly technique to ensure a perfect resistance feeling. Connect headphone to headphone jack when you do not want to disturb those around you or when it is too loud around you to hear.
【ESSENAIL & SURVIVAL】Contains [4] 3600 Calories 72HRS Ration and [48] 125ml Water Pouches. This amount of food and water pouches can last one person for 3-5 days. It also contains LED Hand Crank Flashlight, CRUSADER MINI NOAA Radio, 108 piece First Aid Kit, Emergency Blanket, Hooded Poncho, Tissue Pack, Disposable Mask, and whistle for all your survival needs. To view all specific items please check out product images for a detailed list.

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