Flexicomfort Car Neck Pillow for Driving – Memory Foam Headrest Pillow with Easy-to-Carry Portable Bag – Compact Multi…


[FILLS THE GAP BETWEEN THE HEADREST AND NECK] Most of the time, car seats are uncomfortable because there’s a gap between the body of the car seat and headrest, causing your neck and head to bend down. This pillow will make a huge difference in terms of comfort when attached to the seat on long car trips. It will not feel like you’re leaning back when you rest your head anymore, which will help make you feel like you’re in a normal position.
[PERSONALIZED COMFORT] The supportive but soft, lightweight structure and versatile shape of the pillow means it can be used as a car headrest pillow, travel pillow, neck cushion, lumbar cushion, leg spacer, recliner pillow, nap pillow, camping pillow, and any other place where you may want some extra support and comfort. COMFORT ON THE GO You can take it anywhere with its EASY-TO-CARRY PORTABLE Bag, which can be attached to a luggage handle for hassle-free travel.
[REDUCED NECK PAIN] It will keep your neck and spine in alignment, which also ensures that you don’t end up with neck, shoulder, or back pain. If you have a cervical strain, the memory foam material is like a hand that gently supports your neck without being too stiff.

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