LIT FITNESS Survival Tent Emergency Shelter with Titan Paracord, 2 Person Survival Kit Mylar Tent Includes Survival Lamp…


🔥 Survival Tent: Mylar tent is water proof and wind proof tube tent having enough space for two persons to keep body warm and dry during camping sleepover.
🔥 Quick Setup: Run 20ft nylon titan Paracord through both ends of the survival tent and tie between two trees. If you don’t find trees around you, you can easily use it as a emegency sleeping bag.
🔥 Emergency Shelter: 2 person survival kit tube tent is made up of an PET heat flex material in orange color that comes in a size of 150 x 240 cm with 270g Ultralight tarp in weight to keep you warm with high tear resistence and ultra durable paracord rope for tent support.

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