VASLON Travel Neck Pillow, Soft and Comfortable Memory Foam Neck Cushion, Head & Chin Support Travel Pillow Machine… Price: $30.98 (as of 31/01/2023 21:22 PST- Details)

360 °SURROUND FIT DESIGN-Classic U-shaped buckle closure design, pillow close to the cervical spine, full support support the head and neck parts, reduce the impact of scattered cervical pressure, so that the journey more relaxed and comfortable
BAND-LIKE FIT CURVE-Smooth band curve, not only to strengthen the design aesthetic, but also to make the cervical spine to get multi-angle protection: the rear heightened, support, to avoid excessive caused by strain; middle groove, reducing the amount of bone compression, more comfortable and breathable ; Front plus height, to prevent excessive head tilt, effectively avoid cervical injury.
TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE VISCOELASTIC MEMORY FOAM-Open molecular structure can sense the body temperature and pressure and automatic shaping, slow release pressure, providing head and neck flexible and flexible support, so as to achieve the effect of head and neck decompression, the body adjusted to the natural state of relaxation, ease fatigue.

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